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Milk chocolate “Alpen Gold”

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Net weight: 85 g.
Quantity: 28 pcs. * 85 g.
Ingredients: grated cocoa butter, milk whey, whole milk powder, emulsifiers (soya lecithin, E476), fragrant. Contains milk powder, soya lecithin. Can contain traces of wheat and beetroot. The content of cocoa products in chocolate mass is 25%. Dry skimmed cocoa 25%, dry skimmed milk 12%. Nutritional value in 100g: proteins -5.2g, carbohydrates 61g, sugar 61g.
It’s valid about 9 months since the date of production. Store in a dry and cool place at an ambient temperature of (18 ± 3)°C and relative humidity of 75%. The shape of the chocolate bar may differ from the image on the package.
Producer — Mondelez Ukraine CJSC, Ukraine. Importer — Marseral LLC, Republic of Armenia